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I'm just Amy.
Perpetually terrible at coming up with usernames.
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23rd-Jan-2014 05:43 pm - Habits and video games
Stuff has been going better, and apparently I'm doing a lot of 'hard work', according to people I've been talking to in the real-life world. But this week has been tough and I'm tired. Maybe it's that letdown period that happens after you start a new routine, and you're just getting into it, and some lizard part of your brain finally realizes this is not just a fun new activity, but a habit you're trying to build, and you're going to keep doing this. So it clings to the bad habits as hard as it can...or something. I don't know, I think I lost that analogy somewhere. I think I am also just actually really tired-tired. I haven't had very good sleep the past few nights. -_-

Regardless, in that arena of building new habits, I've been doing pretty good! I should put my little Habit RPG dude (he has a wolf and everything) up here:

I haven't been that happy with myself right now, because I haven't been writing too much (or at all) and I appear to want to focus on the negative, but I've also been dealing with the end-of-the-year accounting (no easy task, especially since I'm really getting into fixing some major issues) and learning to communicate properly with my family again (maybe someday I'll go into the complicated nature of all THAT junk). So yeah, that's pretty awesome.

I have a ton of video games I've been wanting to play. Currently still trying to start Persona 4 Golden on the Vita- I keep being worried I'll never be able to save (which...is admittedly a little silly, but any reason to rationalize why I don't have time to play, I guess). I know the game's been out for ages, or what was added in the re-release. The premise just sounded up my alley and I haven't been disappointed. :3 Also, Broken Age Part 1 recently released their Beta for the Kickstarter Backers, which I'm proud to say I'm one. And guys, this game is awesome and gorgeous, and...uh, not really Beta- at least not as far as I'm concerned. I can't find a thing that would be considered a bug. And they have a FULL orchestra for the music, so I'm just like ;____; it's so beautiful. So...if you like point-and-clicks, at ALL, or if you've ever liked any of Tim Schafer's stuff, definitely get this at some point. It's looovely. I'm still playing it, but the story looks to be pretty great, too.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, but anivad has been playing the Portal 2 co-op with me on nights/mornings we can manage it. It's SO great. :D I've played it once before with Dan, but it was ages before, and I completely forgot a good chunk of it. And Portal with the bots are awesome. They are so cute. :3 I love the little noises they make. Now that we've saved humans, we're moving on to Art Therapy, which is neither really art or therapy. >__> The co-op works surprisingly well, even with us being so far apart (I suppose it would have to, considering how the game's set up and that 'local co-op' needed to have a term thought up for it because people usually play online). Anyway, I always enjoy wandering around Aperture Science (I should have an icon for it), but with someone else it's even more fun. :)

Ah, writing is good.
7th-Oct-2013 02:30 pm - DC: 2
Wow, so last week was a total wash. I thought I was just In General fibromyalgia-sick, but it turns out Dan and I have strep throat. Although I guess I'm not TOO surprised to learn this, as I've had chills since Wednesday, and my throat's been giving me issues since Friday. :P I am sort of wondering how long it's been hanging out in here, though.

Anyway, now I have taken the antibiotics, which tend to really knock me out. I appear to be in the pleasantly dizzy/kinda drunk-ish feeling part at the moment. I'm sure I'll soon be in the unpleasantly drunkish feeling part soon. XD And then there will probably be sleeping, sleeping forever.

Man, I really had writing to do. Maybe I'll still get to it, and it'll be hilarious to read after the fact, but....prooobably I should do the thing I hate and rest more. B| Bleh. I wanted to start a (really really light) strength training routine this week! And get back into the RPing. And read!

....ooh, actually, I may do more of that. I did pick up Garth Nix's first book in the Keys to the Kingdom series, on recommendation from anivad, and I've really been enjoying it so far. Very, very interesting world.
25th-Sep-2013 03:41 pm - the writing continues to go well.
Ooof, things are finally starting to feel like they're balancing out a bit. I still feel crummy, but at least it's an identifiable crummy that I know how to tolerate and work with. So, that's good, I think. It seemed a little dicey there for awhile.

Anyway, even though I've been feeling pretty rough the past few days, I've still been working on my writing. I actually did get out my Big Project, and have been writing in that. I've got...2847 words written, all of which will probably have to be rewritten at some point. I also have an outline and a bunch of background stuff (including a bunch I threw out from earlier times). But I'm pretty happy with myself for getting so far already- I mean, it's just a start, but it's good for me. If I can keep poking at it for a half hour a day (at least), maybe I can make some real progress on it.

I still have an article series I want to start up on the Otaku Objective website (tentatively titled Hey Look at This, because the idea is that I'm pretty much just pointing at interesting things on the internet that will likely have little to do with each other), but I really want to make sure my head's together before I post anything up on that website. Maybe I'll write it up and post it later.

Or maybe I'll just hug the cat for a bit and decide things at some future point. He's definitely wanting some attention.
6th-Sep-2013 05:41 pm - The Otaku Objective
I just realized that I hadn't posted about this over here yet. For the past three months, Dan and I and a friend of ours have been putting together a little bitty website, where we're able to post reviews, Dan's able to put up his music videos, and once a month we do a podcast. That website's called The Otaku Objective. It's all hosted on our own stuff, and we do the podcasts here, too. I never in a million years thought I would do a podcast (I really don't like the sound of my voice), but the actual act of making it has been a lot of fun and worth the few minutes of 'aaaa' that occurs before recording each one.

Now, I haven't gotten nearly as much review-writing done for it as I've wanted...which is about what I sort of expected would happen. There's always a lot of setting up that needs to be done for a website. But a big reason for my distraction is because we're going to be running a bunch of panels during the upcoming convention Nan Desu Kan this year. :D

Now, I'm excited, but I also know that I was sick as a dog last year during the entire weekend, and probably would've been better served if I'd just stayed home. So we've tried not to give me too many panel-running duties during the con. We'll see how that works out. Hopefully keeping it ambiguous hasn't made it too frustrating for Dan and Eric.

Okay...I'm sort of dodging working on a panel right now, by writing this, so I'd better get back to it. If any of you are interested in an anime website that reviews newer and older shows alike, as well as a bunch of other stuff (I always do a video game segment at the end of our podcast, and we want to start working in some other things too), please check out our website! Thanks. :D
4th-Sep-2013 10:58 am - new approach, and some free writing.
So I am going to try writing something every day, as I have noticed recently that an old friend of mine has restarted her photo-a-day project and come out with some absolutely gorgeous photos. I have not been writing, and I think I need to write for my health (mental and otherwise). So here is where I'm going to put my scraps. I needed a safe, quiet space for it, and this seems as good as any. Hopefully that will be more interesting than me perpetually whining about pain and anxiety in vague terms (although I'm more likely to do it in metaphorical terms, but there will probably be other things too!). I was going to start after Nan Desu Kan (more on that later), but I figured- why not now? I'm going to try to take enough pictures to make up for not writing during NDK.

As I do believe there's more value to some words than others, I'm not going to hold myself to a word count every day. I think instead I'm going to try for a certain amount of time spent with everything closed but one screen for writing. I'll start with a half hour.

As I'm going to put my free-writing here, I have 'unfriended' a large number of people that I don't know if I'd feel safe seeing everything I write. I don't suspect most of them come here any longer, anyway. I probably won't lock everything, but I want to feel like I can lock a post if I need to. I also should probably warn those few that remain in these empty spaces of LJ that I may stumble into political territory occasionally, and I'm fairly certain we won't agree in that area. Feel free to 'unfriend' me if it gets to be too much and you'd rather not read (although polite discussion is generally appreciated).

All right. Here I go:

The Entirely Boring Tale of My Pink Phone CaseCollapse )

Okay, that went a little bit longer than half an hour and not quite where I expected, but it went pretty well! (I mean, I finished it and posted it and didn't chicken out, so go me) Wish me luck on continuing this- I'm really going to try to up my writing-ness. ...maybe then, I'll know that writing-ness is totally not a word.
30th-May-2013 05:39 pm - Migraines, writing, and a game
This is the worst migraine I've had in a year, at least. I realized it would be helpful if I could track these more accurately, and- hey, there are now decent apps for it. So I got a highly rated one and marked off symptoms and tried to think of better terms to use, and that made me feel a little less helpless. The really annoying thing is that even now, when I'm doing a little better, my fiction writing is just gone. I worry about my writing at other times, sometimes so much so that I just don't do much of it (and that I'm sort of looking at separately). But in this case, I actually try, and my characters ball up into little fluffs of nothing and float away, and then I'm left with nothing but maybe an outsider's analysis. I just can't get into their heads. I could probably write a 15-page essay on various philosophical topics more easily than I could write a few paragraphs of RP or fanfic....not that that'd be easy, just easier. It's just kind of weird. I don't know about the whole left-brain/right-brain thing, but I do certainly seem to be of two minds. Sometimes I have a much easier time with numbers and sometimes I do way better with writing. And of course, these rarely happen at convenient times. :P

Since this migraine's been so bad, I actually used the various prescription drugs I have for them (nothing 'fun', although I do really wish I had some actual painkillers). And since it's been real bad, it's had the effect of knocking me out. I've been sleeping half the day and desperately trying to stay up the other half so I can get some things accomplished and maybe sleep a little better during the night. I have been doing slightly better today, but I'm feeling the strain now. I hope I'm doing better tomorrow- I need to go get something for my mom, as we're meeting up for her birthday on Saturday.

While I was trying to stay awake and distracted, this has been my companion: Poker Night 2 at the Inventory
It was $10 and came up on my Xbox one day and...it's lovely. It's a poker game between a bunch of my favorite characters (Brock Samson from Venture Brothers, Ash from Army of Darkness, and Sam from Sam and Max, of all places), and GLaDOS is the dealer. I don't even like poker (or I didn't), but I've been playing this to hear all their conversations. :D I am trying to unlock the Portal poker set now, so they can have more Portal-related conversations.
28th-May-2013 04:13 pm - Identity Crises with Toasters
Ah, yes. Moving never goes quite how you want, even when it seems to have gone to plan. I've been recovering from that and from throwing out my back and from a deeply entrenched sinus infection and now from a migraine, and I suspect that all those things have to do with the first thing. This is mostly because I do not generally (and have not ever) handled moving well, even if I've tried to have the Most Optimistic Attitude about it, ever. And also, I had some pretty freaky-weird 'side effect' type things happen right after the move, including weird breathing and a skin rash on my hands from handling too much cardboard.

I have also been ~Dealing with Things~ in the sense that I've been dealing with emotional things, but offline and with the help of my husband. The tildes are entirely for my benefit, as they make the whole mess less scary. I may or may not write more about it, I guess we'll see how things go. Right now I'm trying the 'write what I feel like writing' technique, maybe it'll loosen things up a bit. I don't deal well emotionally after having spent so many days sick, so I don't really want to go deeply into that during a migraine, but...yeah. Maybe eventually.

Apparently what I feel like writing about right now is the 'Kickstarter' of someone whose work I really like. And this project is most likely going to be nothing like that:

A Toaster - A short film. From his description: "The film I want to create is a Psychological thriller focusing on how a person may react when they find that their identity is being corrupted by forces outside of their control. In the case of the narrative, a man receives a new toaster under mysterious circumstances and finds, strangely, that he can only refer to it in the first person."

It's...yeah. This is where the story originates- SCP-426 This is one of my favorite entries on the SCP Foundation. It's both amusing and creepy (rather than most of the entries, which are just full of Creepy). The guy making the short film has been reviewing anime and games on That Guy With the Glasses for quite awhile (although he took a long hiatus) and I like all of his work. I'd love to see this, so I thought I'd pass this along. I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten across the odd awesomeness of this, but at least I have provided links. Anyway, if any of that sounds cool, check it out.

Oh, also, Hannibal is an amazing TV show. More people should watch it. ....more on that later, most likely.
12th-Mar-2013 11:14 am - ...ah.
Self-evolving System
So I apparently 'threw my back out' last Thursday with all the activity. I didn't really notice it for what it was till Friday night, because I'm used to pain, but it got to a point where I was non-operational and in need of serious pain meds. Whoops.

I'm doing much better now, but still trying to limit my 'sitting up in a chair' time- well, my sitting or laying in one position at all time, really. I'm trying to be really careful, because I don't want this to become a continuing problem, if at all possible. Of course, I do have taxes, accounting trusts, etc, to finish, so...blech.

I have confirmed, however, that our new apartment is way more comfortable than our old one. It might just be that we switched out some furniture (got rid of the Terrible Futon and were rewarded with my parent's old La-Z-Boy they'd had sitting in the basement), but now I feel I can be comfortable in all our rooms. I'm not relegated to the couch. So even though this apartment is slightly smaller than our old one, it feels quite a bit bigger to me. I think Dan and I both agree the layout is better, too. The kitchen is more easily usable, which is great, considering I'm cooking every day now.

I really want to get back to writing, which the back thing and the taxes and all are really interfering with. I did a little last night (fanfic stuff), but paid for it and probably shouldn't have. I'm just getting antsy. I guess that's a good sign, though, because I haven't gotten the "NEED TO WRITE" feeling for a long while. I'll try to keep feeding it little bit by little bit.
8th-Mar-2013 04:48 pm - ALL THE THINGS
mmmf. Want to do all the things.

Too tired and sore to do any more of the things.

This is a common problem. I've spent most of this week stumbling through accounting work when I'd rather have been writing. RP tags and fic-stuff! Health article attempts! But I've gotta get monthly accounting done so I can get taxes done (bleh) so I can help out with website redesigns.

Better news! We made a bookcase/headboard yesterday (well, Dan did most of it but I helped), and so now we have put together ALL our new furniture, and it's all moved and in place. Yay. I also don't have to worry about a massive draft on my head from the window. And the bookcase/headboard/whatever is really nice-looking.

I am reading more. All sorts of things, all of a sudden. I have to keep my Kindle charging a lot. I think it's a good sign. Been sorting through my music while working recently, too. I have SO MUCH. O_O A lot of it I collected from net blogs during those post-Napster days when new bands figured out they could advertise that way. I should look up the better ones and see if they're still around...and probably actually buy a CD or something.

I have also obtained a bunch more herbs. These are all ones that are okay on the autoimmune protocol, which I'm now trying, and none but one made my nose squench up when I smelled it. I'm suspecting that I'm just allergic to spices that came from came from a root. Anyway, I made steak yesterday with olive oil and rosemary, and it was awesome. I was very pleased.

...okay, time to fall asleep. (not that I want to, it's just...that time)
26th-Feb-2013 05:24 pm - The Push
We're moved! ...and in fact, we have been for a week or so, but first I had to recover, and then the internet was having problems (if the cable company ever says "It's fiiine", don't believe them). And then there was a blizzard. Stuff is finally settling down now, though. We've got our things in good places and our stuff out of boxes, and our new place is really nice. There is storage everywhere, which I don't think I even realized was a problem at the old place. But I guess moving can sometimes be like putting on a brand new pair of glasses. Oh! And we have a giant patio now! I don't know what we're going to do with it once the weather gets nicer, but I'm looking forward to it.

I'm trying to get back into my routines, so I guess there's still some 'recovery' going on. I'd been worried about how far away the grocery store was, but it is a do-able walk. I don't think it would've been a couple years ago, nor do I think I would've been okay with the stairs, so I'm really pleased with the amount of progress I've made healthwise in the last year. I think this place might be a great way for me to continue working on my progress.

Also, there are eight sushi places within a mile, so I don't mind that, either. :3

I will try to have pictures later, but I figured I should mention something about how the move went, sheesh. Especially before I get absolutely buried in taxes. :P
Oh, wow. Okay.

I am all for that, yeah. :D I love the discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the two mediums, because that's not something I've actually heard creators of this caliber discuss before.

Btw, I've been finally better for a little over a week (except for a pesky migraine that's been popping up the past few days). The death not-flu finally really-and-truly seems gone, although I'm keeping a close eye for return appearances. Of course, right now we're a little busy, since we're also getting ready to move. Dan's got quite a bit of work lately, so I'm trying to help out by packing all the things. We've got boxes invading pretty much every room now. And, of course, I've got accounting work to do, so I'm trying to futz with that as much as possible before we move too. I'm not sure how long I'll need for recuperation and adaptation after we're in the new place.

I got the cat into the vet yesterday, since they're right across the street. He was not pleased. But even though he was super-loud, the vet said he didn't even try to bite or claw. He just cried and hissed. I gave him a bunch of treats when we got home and he was fine. He's just a big scaredy-cat, really.

I've been learning how to cook more things, too. I'm hoping it'll be helpful for after we move, because I'm going to try to do the autoimmune protocol, whcih is very restrictive. It really looks like it'll be helpful for me, though, because it cuts out all the foods I've had allergy or other problems with in the past and slowly adds them back in, one by one. That makes it a lot easier to find the real culprits of problems. It might help some of my health issues too, soooo I'll give it a shot. The past couple of weeks has been me figuring out how to mix up my own rubs and marinades, because a lot of spices I shouldn't eat are in storebought ones. I've also got a couple more go-to recipes under my belt. It'll be good to be more comfortable- that way I'll feel I have more choices with food, I think. And the things I've been making are awesome- got fake mashed potatoes down, and I haven't had mashed taters in ages. :9

So yeah- good times, but busy. I'll be glad once we're settled- although I will certainly miss this place. It's been very nice.
10th-Jan-2013 04:16 pm(no subject)
Ugh. I've been sick since my last post. So has my husband. Apparently the New Year's Eve party that we were only at briefly had some sort of thing going around because one of our other friends caught it too. And it's just been going on and on and on. Dan finally kicked his fever yesterday and went back to work. I got rid of my fever a bit ago, but I still feel pretty awful. Apparently it's not the flu, which surprised the hell out of our doctor.

Everything is taking ages (even moreso than usual, with the fibromyalgia). I should know better than to plan to mention stuff 'after I'm better'. ....then it just means I mention it at this, the whining stage. But seriously, it's been ten days! I have end of the year financials and tax prep and moving prep, and I have people I want to see before we move, and stuff I just wanted to get back to after our guest finally went home. Stuff! Go away illness, I have stuff!

....too many of my entries are like this, I realize.

Okay. I will share something that's helped keep me happy the past week:

I read Matt Harding's book while I was sick, and it's a great travel book, but it's also a great book about figuring out who he was, and what he wanted out of life. The book and then this last video- it sounds like he figured it out. I wish him the best, as he has inadvertently brought me (and a lot of people, as he realizes) a lot of hope.
19th-Dec-2012 08:09 pm - Conversations with my brain
The Claaaaaw
Ugh, okay, headache. I get it. You want to be free. But you've had your time. I have people coming over and a million things to do. So I'll give you a little time tonight and tomorrow (after this post) and then I gotta do stuff.

...that's not how migraines work, but I sure wish it was. Still, I've been pretty productive, even with this one. Unfortunately, the no-emotional thing didn't last, but it didn't stay TOO long either, so- not too bad. I've been alternatively busy and recurperating, and it looks like that trend might continue through Christmas.

One big thing- we decided on a new place to move! I know, it's quick, but the commute was a giant pain for Dan (over an hour one way, in good weather), and then this last weekend our car died. There was a giant smoke cloud and everything. :P It's apparently fixable with one expensive part, but....we'll see how that goes. Anyway, our poor PT Cruiser just isn't built for that much travel. And since we were figuring we'd move soon anyway, I went ahead and did the research and whatnot to find a good place quick.

I think we've got a good option. It's in a town center, so groceries and several other shops are within walking distance (that's hard to find in Colorado, honestly). There's a year-round pool, which could be really good for me, as well as a fitness center. Our apartment'll be about the same size, and we'll have a garage. It will, however, be on the second floor. I'm hoping one flight of stairs won't cause me too much trouble. Might even be good for me. And it's waaaay closer to Dan's work, which is the important part.

I got it all budgeted and moneyed out, and I think we'll be good for it. *crosses fingers* We're set to move on February 16th, so there will be lots of flailing until then, I imagine, but I've moved a bunch before then, so...we'll see how this one goes.

I've also been getting ready for Christmas-stuff, AND for our friend Mike's arrival. He's coming in on Friday afternoon. That was something of a surprise- we'll be glad to see him, but I wasn't exactly expecting him to be here over Christmas. Still, he's from Florida, so hopefully he'll enjoy all the snow and unusual coldness. We had a big storm today, and it's looking like it'll probably snow on Christmas itself. Could be cozy. :)

Ow ow...okay, I was going to talk about more things, but the headache says no. Maybe later. Laying down time is now.
13th-Dec-2012 04:34 pm - Things I am excited about
Ready to speak.
Uh oh, incoming migraine. Better talk about all the things before it's too late.

Okay, first- Dan found a job! I actually mentioned this on Facebook (which I almost never use because the website itself is just...gah, broken), and then forgot to say so here. He actually had a couple companies very interested in him at the end of last week, and had to make a tough decision as to where he wanted to work. So the job search really did go well. The new place is a cloud computing company and it sounds like it's going great so far. The one down side is that it's in Boulder, so he has a really monster commute every day. We're going to have to move from our nice centralized location in Stapleton. We're starting to look.

Secondly, I kinda headed offline for a long while to read through some old stuff and try to figure out my writing. Writing's always been a part of my life, all but lately, and I wanted to really nail down what and why this writer's block kept happening. I think I've got it nailed down now- some of it is probably due to just trying to focus too hard on things that I shouldn't be, but the majority is wrapped up in my fears, especially fears relating to how my fibromyalgia 'fog' has been affecting my thinking. And I want to write a much longer piece on that (and migraine-times maaaay not be the best-times to focus in on that), so I'll leave it at that for the moment. Still, ever since I got that worked out, I've been writing- different stuff than I was planning, personal stuff and old fandom fanfics. But I no longer feel like I have nothing in my head.

By the way, did you know that Kokoro Connect is a really good show? It's a really, surprisingly good show. A friend of ours had us watch the beginning on Crunchyroll, and it seems really kind of silly (seems like Polychromatic got set in an anime high school, actually). But the way they handle characters and character development in that show...oh man, I was impressed.

...okay, I digress. I've been playing Portal 2 lately- I should say again, but I only got 1/3 of the way through it last time. The thing is that it got played so often in my presence that me actually playing it seemed redundant by that point. So I'm really enjoying going through it now. And of course, it's hilarious. :) After this, I should try Mass Effect again and see if I can keep from completely failing at the shooter part. Maybe if I put it on super-easy mode... -_-;

I also want to mention that it has been AGES since I had a real migraine. I mean, seriously, like six weeks or more. I'd be glad if it held off longer, but this is...not bad. Especially since I don't seem to have the emotional part to it (at least not yet *crosses fingers*). Actually, how about I cross my fingers to just have the whole thing go away? Yeeep.

Oh, last thing. I found this fascinating. It's a video about a guy who designed a 420 square foot apartment into a place that has fold down beds, a guest 'bedroom', an office, a table that telescopes out to seat 10 for dinner parties, moving walls, etc. I just really love the super-practical uses of space. Our current apartment has some great solutions, like a wall of cabinets on one end of the kitchen that can be used for pantry-stuff or living-room stuff, well-organized closet space, and a movable guard rail for the shower. But it's not quite as amazingly thought out as this place is (I still can't quite get on board for the idea of the spork, though).
28th-Nov-2012 04:29 pm(no subject)
To do list
So yeah. Dan got laid off a couple weeks ago, along with over half his company. They're a tiny software dev company that's just trying to survive, and I wish them luck. Dan has a couple interviews lined up, which is nothing short of a miracle during this past Thanksgiving season.

I also seem to be working through a pretty severe nerve pinch that keeps coming back and laying me up. So between that and the routine changes and the worries and support back and forth, my writing motivation took a header and went splat on the ground somewhere. There's just been more important things. I chipped out a hole in my writer's block and now there's another larger one in the road.

I'm feeling drained and have been looking at a staffing services company my sister forwarded me. There's a lot of accounting temp work in here, and I'm just wondering if it's past time I gave that a try. My current at-home work doesn't take up much of my time, and new clients are currently going to my dad so far. But I just had a talk with Dan about it, and he pointed out the fact that driving is still a very worrying issue for me, and it's probably not likely. Bleh. I'm keeping it in mind anyway. I wish I could do more.

Anyway, things are kind of all over the place, and I have been disappearing for long stretches of time to take care of various issues. I will probably continue to do so, unfortunately. I am still keeping up with exercise, which generally helps with the neck issues (as long as I don't pull something badly). It's looking like I'll make my goals there for the end of this year, at least.
1st-Nov-2012 06:12 pm - Common Topics
Caution: Nonstandard spacetime
Bleeeeargh. I wrote for too long about a subject I'm not comfortable about. I did good! Got about 1100 words down, but I'm certainly not posting it anywhere without heavy editing. I've been getting a lot written lately, although most of it is junk. At least junk is better than nothing? ;) So I'm not writing exactly NaNo amounts, but I'm going to try to keep writing something every day. Liquid Story Binder is very helpful in this regard.

Things are going okay. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, but I think that'd be solved by going to bed earlier. >_> Claudia's been refusing to eat, now, but she's a giant fat corn snake, and also the healthiest animal I've ever owned. I'm not going to worry about her right now. Lestat looks like he might be getting ready to shed again, and has taken to attacking the little tube that goes from the fogger into the cage. I'm not entirely sure why he thinks that's the enemy now, but I've taken it out for the time being. I might put another water dish in there or something, just to increase the humidity in the meantime.

Dan has started a new blog about anime he likes, titled Dan Loves Anime (straightforward, no?). He's pretty good at updating it, you might want to check it out.

There were other things I was going to mention, but as my brain's sort of leaked out of my head I think I'll stop there.
12th-Oct-2012 10:17 pm - Recent Picture Post
To do list
Yep, it's time for pictures. I went with recent ones this time, but I'll probably post up random ones in the future- that's how I put them up in my Tumblr (apologies to anyone in my Tumblr who sees these things twice):

NDK PhotosCollapse )

NDK StuffCollapse )

Various other thingsCollapse )
12th-Sep-2012 02:51 pm - Printouts Everywhere
I was going to write more about what I was talking about in my last post, and my past and etc etc, but- I got kinda distracted by the present. One of the biggest accounting problems I have ever seen popped up this month (which is of course one of the months I really wanted it to go quickly and quietly). I spent three days on it, and then had the help of my father, who spent another good 4 hours on it. He's a master at that stuff- if he spends four hours on one problem, it's a doozy.

Turned out it was Quicken glitching, and in a very difficult to track way. But we eventually found it, and fixed it, and now...well, now that's over. My place looked like an office exploded in it, but it's done.

So! I think I'll revisit the 'rough stuff' after this weekend. And probably under a Friends lock. We'll see. I gotta take a look at what I'm writing there. ANYWAY.

Right now I'm getting ready for Nan Desu Kan, the one convention I go to all year. This year it was kind of on-again-off-again for us as we were trying to handle our finances- but we should be okay for it. So we get our vacation for the year. And it's SO much fun- I really like the atmosphere there. I'm currently trying to pull all my necessary food, electronic gadget chargers, clothes, and various doodads together, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Oh! I haven't mentioned this before, but everyone should see Paranorman, especially if you like zombie movies and/or have ever been bullied. (oddly specific, I know, but still) It's really good. It really ranks up there as one of my favorite movies ever.
5th-Sep-2012 09:55 am - Not this mind and not this heart
Truth in progress
And after the storm,
I run and run as the rains come
And I look up, I look up,
on my knees and out of luck,
I look up.

There was something wrong.Collapse )
13th-Aug-2012 08:14 pm - Bah, I say.
Bah, I'll try to keep this short-ish, since I have a migraine, and migraine posts are probably about as fun for people to read as drunk posts. I'd been waiting for it to go away, but it's been kinda there on and off for the past couple of weeks, so...yeah.

Lestat is way better now! The vitamins Henry suggested seemed to be just the thing Lestat needed. He's gained weight, is interested in stuff again, is drinking and moving more regularly, etc. His scales are still thin on top in places, but on the whole, I'm not nearly as worried about it. Thanks so much for your help, Henry!

Dan's got a new job, which he will be starting next week. I think he'll be much happier there, since things at his current place have been starting to deteriorate. We'll see.

We finally took Shurts Accounting live. Behold my lack of web design skills! Also, if anyone wants a home budget-ey tool to try out (we could use people to try it out), let me know.

I'm working on storyboarding a music video. It's Poe's "Control" to Serial Experiments Lain. I've had those two connected in my head for a long time, so I'm going to try to get out the important bits. Then Dan will do the actual editing bit. We'll see how that goes.

...there are more things, but I think that's all I'm up for now. As I mentioned, this migraine has been...pretty bad. I suspect I stress-activated it a couple weeks ago, with the combination of trying to help out with events that no one could and watching a movie that I shouldn't have watched (Pontypool is a great movie, but seriously not for the hearing sensitive). And then it's been back and forth. Last night I was considering a hospital visit, because it was doing the heavy 'pressure behind the eyes' thing for more than 30 minutes. I'm not sure it's supposed to do that, but...eh. Been better today, but I've been waaay sleepy. Maybe that's a good sign. Regardless, I'm seeing my neurologist on Friday, so I can go over all this with him then.
21st-Jul-2012 11:49 am - Links for Donation, etc.
I mostly just wanted to pass on a couple of links for the Aurora shooting. If you had been thinking about donating monies of any amount, look no further than here.

I don't think there's anyone local who reads this LJ, but if you are, and are interested in other ways to help (or need help), click here.

Dan's going to give blood with Bonfils, but they're honestly pretty booked up at this point. Not that they don't really appreciate it. I can't give blood (they don't take people with CFS) or I'd try. I think everyone around here's at a point of 'what can we do to help?' now, but as with all loss of life, there's only so much.

Our friend Eric suggested going to see DKR (or just movies in general) at that theater just because they're going to have a hard time doing business now. I'm not sure they're going to reopen after this, but we'll see, I guess. It's a nice theater, it really is. That guy could've just as easily hit the theater that's within walking distance from us.

Anyway, we'll just see how things move on from here. That's all we can do.
13th-Jul-2012 04:04 pm - Note to Self:
Noodles from Noodles & Co. are apparently never okay for me. Not even if they are gluten-free and I have shrimp with them. Not even the SMALL bowl.

This isn't harshing on Noodles & Co, which has salads and soups that I should've tried, but I think I figured out today that a large bunch of carbs will just get me feeling bleeeh. It's also possibly due to the high amount of sodium, idk. Just...immediate brain fog and fatigue. The brain fog was bad, too- I forgot what the relation between assets, liabilities and equity are. For an accountant, that's pretty terrible. I'd give you an analogy, but my brain isn't thinking up a proper one right now. Suffice it to say, that's about as basic as it gets.

Once I get feeling a little better, I'll check into this in relation to other days I've had really bad energy/soreness/bad-brain-work-ey days. It's cool to have things to check into now.

Been doing pretty well otherwise- getting to the finishing-up part of the accounting website, getting ready to house-sit for my parents this weekend (...yay?), been having fun watching Dan play LA Noire.

...I was going to say other stuff, but I'll get to it when I remember.
3rd-Jul-2012 01:58 pm - Last Few Days
Self-evolving System
I made it through the week! Mostly. Dan's mom and step-father were fun to have here and show around the town. I always like showing people Denver. It was too hot to go to the zoo, but we hit the museum and the shopping center near us, went to a movie, and drove through downtown. My parents came over Friday night and we all played Small World (a surprisingly fun board game). Good times.

Lestat is also doing better. The vitamin-ed rats really seem to be perking him up, and he's not longer hissing at me. He must be feeling better. He's also starting to bulk up a bit again, which is relieving. I'll keep fogging him up and I think he'll be ready for the shed box today or tomorrow.

Unfortunately I seem to have food poisoning or something. This is the first time since yesterday afternoon I've been able to sit long enough to get near the computer. :P Blaaargh. I feel awful. I have a lot to do! Work and otherwise! Also, the cat keeps jumping on me. Bah.

I did spend a good chunk of yesterday afternoon watching Serial Experiments Lain, and I forgot how much I loved that series. It's been awhile since I watched it last. I even wrote a compare and contrast essay with it and The Matrix (just the first, I think, not sure if the others had come out at that point) that I should dig out someday. I could see if I still agree with it. Anyway, Lain's a really interesting look at shared consciousness and what that could mean, practically and philosophically. I like stories that ask a lot of questions. And...okay, I appreciate it when the story tries to answer at least a couple of them.
25th-Jun-2012 09:05 pm - Oh
To do list
Okay, so- I've got Dan's mother and stepfather coming in to visit over the weekend. That'll probably be a lot of looking at things, although I suspect they'll be pretty concerned about what I'll be up for. They'll be here Friday through Sunday.
-On Thursday night is my grandmother's 80th birthday party. ....crud, I need to get a card, still. I forgot to do that today.
-On Wednesday, my Dad will be picking me up and taking me to his house for a 'webinar' about marketing in a non-annoying way. We'll see how it goes.
-Tomorrow, apparently my Mom is going to the zoo with my nephews and sister, and I agreed to go too because I missed out on going to the museum with Adi in around my birthday like I wanted. That should be fun, but I just heard about it a few hours ago, so- unexpected.

Somewhere in between all this I need to fit in laundry and cleaning, cooking tomorrow when I'll probably be tired out (hamburgers?) and probably more working on the website. I....am not sure how that's going to go, but we'll see. At least it might be a possiibility, at this point. I just don't know how my week got to be so busy all of a sudden. o_o
24th-Jun-2012 08:44 pm - Running around
Wow, it's been ages since I updated! Well, in this particular case, I've been pretty busy. Reeeally busy, actually. Lots of things to write on, and I'm sure I'll miss a few things, which is probably why it's taken me so long to get another post in. Anyway, I'll try to hit what I can:

The visit with Mike went pretty well, except our cat was a jerk. Mike's allergic, so suddenly Chester had to deal with being pushed off and away from things, and he retaliated quite often. Oh, well. We had a lot of fun with him around, and we watched the entirety of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which was excellent.

My dad was not kidding about this going into business thing. We've been working on that pretty much constantly (except for when Mike was here). He'd also gotten a little weird as the time came close for him to leave his old job, but hey- if I'd worked somewhere for over twenty years, I'd be a little weird about leaving it, too. I've fixed up his LinkedIn account and created a website for his tennis coaching, and I'm still in the process of getting together a website for all of our various accounting offerings. It's not like I'm a web designer or anything- I'm pulling this stuff together on Wordpress. But I'm hoping that it'll look professional enough and be interesting enough to draw some people in. We'll see how it goes. Working with my dad has been fun, and a little nerve-wracking at times (see: getting weird over the end of his job), but I think we've both been helping each other with keeping focused.

Lestat, my red-tailed boa, is about as sick as he was the last time I posted. More about him...Collapse )

My health, on the other hand, has been getting much better. I made a big change in my diet, spurred on by not having the finances to pay for my medication and numerous doctor's visits. It comes down to food, glorious food...Collapse )

So that's what I've been up to. Running around, exercising, building websites, taking care of my snake (..s, as Claudia also exists and is fine and healthy), and cooking. ...probably other things, but this is plenty long. Hopefully I will not take as long to say something next time.
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